Love and Fire

The experience of love in my belly is almost more than I can stomach. I turn away. I scramble. I climb to higher light. I choke on smoke. Inhale the illusion. And backdraft lulls me in. Back into the belly of the fire.

I sink. I surrender. I wail. I scream. In grief. In joy. I remember the One real embrace. All else are embers. Dying. Turning grey. Becoming ash. Lost in forgetting. Somehow asleep. But still, lulled home to the belly on the breeze and the backdraft of her fire.

My body, once an empty urn, is now a lively vessel. In Union and heat, wild and alive, I surrender to divine desire. I surrender to her fire.

Written in the light of the red blood moon April 2014

Artist: Melissa Reed-Eckert

Artist: Melissa Reed-Eckert